Posted on Jun 28, 2018
You Can Do It!
There has deservedly been great publicity in New Zealand and Pacific media about the Cooks Mobile Health Bus project. It is a wonderful example of Rotary in action.

But are we doing enough to tell people what we do in our communities? If articles with the word "Rotary" over one 24 hour period is anything to go by we could do better.

On 26 June 2018, in Australia there were 470 articles but in NZPacific there were 2! … and that is a fairly typical ratio month after month as reported by Meltwater (a media monitoring service), even though NZPacific is 22% of Rotary in our region.

We do have lots happening, both big and small, and these are all very good projects doing an immense amount of good in our communities so let's tell our stories.

To get great publicity results we just need to know how to take a great photo, write a great story and how to approach the media? Go to  This is a series of practical guides to help 'non-experts' produce expert results. 

Every project and event should be included in your club and district calendar (on ClubRunner) and when you have an article together send it to the media but also use in your club and send to the district newsletter and website-social media for widespread acknowledgement of your achievements.  In doing so you inspire others in their support of Rotary.