Pam and I have taken upon ourselves to clean up our front entrances (as it were) I got a bit brassed off when riding my bike around the loop, to the extent that I was moaning about all the crap that gets left on the roadside by people who earn their living from our BEAUTIFUL town then trash the roadside on the way in or out of town.
I am of course referring to Whakatane and Rotorua residents!
I realised that the area in question is WHAKATANE DISTRICT COUNCIL AREA’S because it is obvious where the Kawerau Boundary is by the condition of the roadside!!!! 
Pam and I decided to take up operation Clean up. The Kawerau District Council offered their help by allowing us to dump all waste collected under the umbrella of KKB   (Keep Kawerau Beautiful) at our transfer station. The Police helped by giving us their blessing (during lockdown 4 then 3 then 2 now! )
The trash collected is in the main quite old! (like 3 + years) and the contractor who supposedly is responsible for keeping it tidy just runs his big mower along the roadside firing all the bottles (smashing as he goes) and cans, together with Macca’s, Burger King, KFC, containers all over the place.  
I (we) aren’t sure if we are doing this for Keep Kawerau Beautiful, as a Rotary project, Kawerau Neighbourhood Support or just a couple who appreciate all the wonderful facilities our town has to offer but now we are getting near the end of the road we are pleased with the results. It would be good if someone came up with some signs reminding people to put trash in appropriate receptacles.  Kawerau District Council have been most helpful and it would be great if Whakatane District Council would take responsibility for their turf. (They do collect rates for it, I believe) and of course not to leave out mention of NZTA. All food for thought!  Dennis.
To the dump, to the dump, to the dump. DUMP, DUMP!