Sharing some wonderful experiences we have had and no doubt many other Host Families have had over the years, with IYE.

Two weeks ago 10 Members of Greenmeadows were assisting as Volunteers with DOC assisting to feed, measure, weigh and band mottled petrels being relocated to Mangaturoto, Boundary Stream Mainland Island north of Napier.

The following week, I flew Kristine to Auckland and we experienced yachting and over-nighting at Rangitoto Island in my Brothers 44 foot yacht Flojo, then visiting central Auckland including the Sky Tower, shopping with my brother's wife Janice (We Boys weren't interested in clothing shops!), then motoring in a "Tinnie" from Onehunga Bridge out towards the Heads and back.  


Agostina Testa, an Argentina exchange student we hosted 17 years ago, has this month enrolled with her Husband Edguardo in a 6 month English Course at Auckland University, working towards settling in New Zealand.  Agostina did a 5 year Accountancy degree in her home Cordoba, and Edguardo has a Business Administration degree. 

A delightful couple, we attended their wedding in Cordoba 5 years ago then proceeded on their honeymoon with them! My brother hosted Agostina and Edguardo to dinner with Kristine and I, and it was fantastic to share the Rotary International Youth Exchange  experience with current and past IYE Students, and non Rotarian's.  

My message to Rotarian's who have not hosted an IYE is you don't know what you are missing. Get involved. We gained a Daughter and hopefully a 2nd Daughter when Kristine returns to Denmark. 

 Brian Hall