Whakatane – Time Line 5 March 2021 2:27 am –
The earth moved for all of us when a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the East Cape, 100 km east of Te Araroa. It was very strongly felt in Whakatane and lasted for about 1 minute.
Some evacuated straight away and others used what-ever media we could to find out more and to await the assessment and instruction from National Emergency Management Agency, who in good time made the call that there was no Tsunami threat, so no need to evacuate.
Missed that bullet, all is well, or so we thought at that time. But very little if no sleep for the rest of the night.
8:05 am – An 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck at the Kermadec Islands about 1000km north of NZ. No choice for us Whakatanites this time.
The order was to immediately evacuate the whole town and move to higher ground or inland. The vast majority followed instructions and in the end, at 1:17 pm we were allowed to return home.
Missed the second bullet of the day.
Thank goodness everyone was safe and their properties were undamaged. It just goes to show how prepared that we all need to be, you have an emergency evacuation kit? If not, it would be prudent to put one together, it is too late if you are told to go without warning like last week. Go to www.gethru.govt.nz. and click om Emergency Survival Items and it is all there for you. These lists can be downloaded for your household.