Twenty-one members appeared on screen for the Zoom meeting.
Guest speakers were Carol-Lynn Hill (principal) and Ana Stites (senior teacher) to speak about Wharepapa South School. “Growing Happy and Successful Learners”
It was good to hear of the activities of the school from these two dedicated and enthusiastic teachers.
Wharepapa South is a rural school with 37 pupils and great community support. They spoke of teaching the children about caring for the environment, growing and cooking the vegetables from their school garden and caring for chickens.
The children have access to free lunches and breakfast if needed.
The children are kind and support each other. They work well at their online schooling in lockdown as they are well-organised. Carol-Lynn talked about the advantages and disadvantages of a rural school. One big advantage is being able to create their own curriculum for more individual learning.
Carol-Lynn and Ana thanked Rotarians for the children’s books Rotary donated, for the Essay Competition, the Potato growing competition and the sound system our club donated, courtesy of the Hearing Association and Barbara Lim.
They promised to promote our book fair through their community contacts, mainly the school newsletter which reaches a wide audience. Barbara Lim has said the Hearing Association is giving us a donation which will cover the cost of batteries for the speaker system