The Rotary Club of Taradale has celebrated 100 Years of Rotary
 in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific.
Rotary Club of Taradale celebrated and acknowledged 100 Years of Rotary in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific.
As part of their Rotary Forests of Peace and Remembrance Project, Taradale Rotarians and community volunteers planted shrubs and trees to positively impact the environment at the Dolbel Reserve, in Taradale.
On Sunday 27th March 2022 Taradale Rotarians gathered together with over 30 others to unveil the sign acknowledging the newly planted area, the pathways, and steps. Those who attended included Dolbel volunteers and their partners, Presidents of the Rotary Clubs of Greenmeadows and Ahuriri Sunrise, Nigel Simpson (Napier City Councillor), local community residents, and other members of the public.
President Kaye Wishart spoke about the project and explained that it was one of three projects relating to the 100-year anniversary that was completed as part of the 100 Year celebrations.  Other completed projects included donations to the “Give Every Child a Future’’ vaccination program being carried out in the Pacific Islands and the purchasing and selling of the Rotary book of history “Mana Tangata”. Kaye also gave recent examples of some of the other projects that Taradale Rotary has on the go - the new seats, tables and shelter being built at Taradale Park, and mentioned the contribution given towards the purchase of a new vehicle for the Cranford Napier Hospice Shop. All projects are of benefit to the community.
Sincere thanks were given to the Rotarians and volunteers who had given their time and expertise to the Dolbel Reserve, (ably led by Joff Hulbert) who have worked tirelessly maintaining plantings, pathways, and seats on a weekly basis. Bill Hawkins and past Rotarian Selwyn Dyet spoke about some of the histories of the Dolbel Reserve.
Taradale Rotary invites you to visit the newly planted area at the Dolbel Reserve, accessible via Trigg Crescent, Taradale.
Taradale Rotary President Kaye Wishart and
Nigel Simpson NCC Councillor