Guest Speaker: Tony Walker. Tony’s background consists of working for 17 years as an Aeronautical Engineer and personal coach in the British Royal Air Force, with a further 8 years in Banking and Finance in New Zealand, during which he was involved in a Coaching role for team building and development.
Living and working in Hawkes Bay for the last 25 years has given Tony an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for business people in city, urban and rural areas, whether they be small or large organizations.
Tony concentrates on the dynamics within a team, acknowledging that when team members change the dynamic changes with them.
His coaching is based on meeting the 4 basic emotional human needs, which can also be applied to everyday life:
1. Certainty in life
2. Variety
3. Significance – the need to be valued
4. Love and connection
To run a successful team, a leader needs to ensure these needs are met. Encouraging a glass-half-full mentality is also important to positive outcomes. “Wherever the focus goes the energy flows.” Everyone needs to take ownership of what they do, be accountable and be responsible.
The fears of an individual are often caused by false expectations appearing real, namely that the fear response is triggered by what you think may happen. Tony’s advice – “Face your fear!”
Here is the link to Tony’s video Link Other useful advice: “When you change the way you look at things, then the things you look at will change.” “Have a goal – do it – be it”