An update on Interplast for our wonderful New Zealand Rotary partners.
Since the emergence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, Interplast’s ability to deliver our traditional programs has been severely interrupted. ​
International travel restrictions have closed all borders across the Asia-Pacific – even for humanitarian work unless it is COVID-19 related.
Interplast’s New Zealand and Australian medical volunteers have been required to focus on local COVID-19 responses, preparing for worst-case scenarios in their own countries.
We have been in regular contact with our international partners to ascertain how we can help them at this extremely challenging time. Their immediate needs have changed to focus on COVID-19 preparation and responses​, so we are doing whatever we can to support them in this.
Recognising that Interplast is currently unable to deploy surgical and training teams across the Asia Pacific region, the organisation is prioritising virtual mentoring and digital training:
  • Allowing medical professionals across the Asia Pacific region to view essential training videos and resources on demand​
  • Facilitating virtual conversations and case-planning between Interplast’s volunteers and our partners​
  • Providing a secure forum for sharing of ideas, medical responses, and case-planning​
  • Offering access to medical journals and research materials to build individual practitioner capacity
  • Delivering monthly virtual lectures by New Zealand and Australian medical professionals alongside international partners
We are also working on the provision of specialist surgical equipment to hospitals which would otherwise be without​, and developing Gender Equity and Disability Engagement programs, remotely, with our partners.
Although we don’t know when ‘normality’ will resume, Interplast is engaged with relevant Government agencies (both here & internationally) to resume our medical and training programs across the 17 countries where we currently work, as soon as we can. ​
How can Rotarians, Clubs and Districts in New Zealand help?
Make a financial contribution to support the immediate needs of the organization, or to support the resumption of ‘traditional programs’ as soon as possible through our District 9930 Treasurer​.
Ask your Interplast Chair Elizabeth Wright 027 223 8921 to speak to your club on zoom to ensure more Rotarians are aware of the work being done. Keep safe and well. ​