We had Tracy Hemingway share with us her journey to become debt-free. Tracy is known as the ‘Debt Free Diva’.
She is a member of the Te Awamutu Rotary Club, South African born and came out to New Zealand when she was 7 years of age in 1999.
Tracy bought a Cheerleading business at the age of 18 but unfortunately by the age of 24 in 2016 she was in debt of in excess of $100,000 and she was to have a tumor in her throat.
Taking stock she set herself to get this debt paid off in a time that many people queried.
Late 2016 she was working for OfficeMax cold calling and really enjoyed the challenge and the Company saw an increase of customers due to her hard work. At times Tracy had 7 jobs on the go, which was how motivated she was.
In 2020 she had a career change and started to work for Agilis, an Animal Pharmaceutical Company. In 2021 she became a Financial Adviser, Mortgage and Kiwi Saver Specialist. Tracy goes with her client from the start, paying off debt, etc. through to becoming homeowners.
With her discipline and determination had her debt plus interest paid off within 3 years and within a year of being debt-free she was able to buy her first home.
With her habits of cost-cutting and her views on being debt-free, she still has travelled extensively overseas.
Tracy’s presentation was very entertaining and light hearted but she is very passionate about helping others get out of debt and getting into property ownership.