Guest Speaker - 
Johnny Dryden, Chair, Rotary District Membership
Johnny Dryden has set some goals on growing membership in line with our International President’s theme of ‘each one bring one’.
Johnny highlighted the fact that there will be prospective members waiting for us to invite them to join our club, and start serving their community in a different way.
He highlighted the fact that our club already has a number of outstanding projects/ community events.  
Johnny outlined the importance of engaging new members in these community projects, and that membership is the responsibility of everyone in every Rotary Club worldwide.
He put the question, ‘is our club ready for diversity to grow in a more inclusive way forward with a welcoming approach to all backgrounds.
Taupo now has a population of 26,000 people; it has a strong business base along with tourism. 
Johnny concluded his presentation by posing the question. “Is our club diverse, and is the welcome mat there to grow our membership in one of New Zealand’s most favoured towns.