Posted on Mar 02, 2019
Guest Speaker – Sinead Nolan talked about her Outward Bound experience which the club assisted.
Sinead thanked the members for the support the club gave her. It was a life changing experience.
The first day there were no phones or technology so made lots of friends, Went sailing first off which was amazing but the second day they ran into a storm and we were going backwards even when all rowing so they had emergency tow for three hours.
They did a lot of PT which the instructors dubbed Party Time. They were up at 6am and on the yard at 6.30. They had to be very time conscious because if they were even 1 second late they got a double dose of PT. 
 They went tramping off track after being taught how to use a compass – they got lost but eventually found their way back after 14 hours. They were told they could be cold, wet and miserable or just cold and wet!!
They did service with DOC building a new track. Sailing was the highlight and kayaking was the low light.
Before going to Outward Bound Sinead had run a marathon, she beat that time by 20 minutes and it was actually one of the easier parts of the course. There were 160 people on the whole course with 14 in each group.  
Her time at Outward Bound allowed her to sort out what she wanted to do with her life. She is starting at BDO Accountancy then wants to travel and may finish her accountancy overseas.