Posted on Jul 22, 2018
I can’t publish a photo of our guest speaker tonight because he is also our Club photographer!
Our very own Graeme Kitto spoke about the Enviro School Awards, which Graeme has done an excellent job organising and participating in.
The Awards scheme was inspired by Nelson Cullen in 2011. Nelson suggested that our Club should infiltrate schools in our area to promote Rotary.
n the period 2011 to 2018 our Club has contributed $16,200 towards promoting student and staff leadership in environmental awareness and practice.
It is up to the schools to select recipients. There has been up to 14 schools in the north-east quadrant of Hamilton participating. A benefit of the scheme has been to indirectly raise the profile of Rotary.

Enviro School Awards is not be confused with the Waikato Enviro schools scheme, but it works in conjunction with it. As an aside, the Waldorf School ran what it called ‘oooby’. The translation is ‘out of our own backyard’.