Posted on Sep 30, 2018
District Governor Graham has asked me to write to clubs in 9930 regarding Emergency Response Kits and the need for each club to consider donating to the project (ERKs) this year if not already done so.
Emergency Response Kits were established in 1985 and were a project of 9910, 9920 and 9940 for 20 years before it became expanded throughout New Zealand.
The supply of Box and Contents is in itself a project and many clubs each year pack the kits – hands-on Rotary service.
Emergency Response Kits are the only Rotary New Zealand Humanitarian service project responding to disasters in the Pacific, mostly to countries that are part of Districts 9910 and 9920.
Emergency Response Kits also support in-country economies with many of the items being manufactured in the Pacific.
90% + of all donations are spent in New Zealand with a smaller amount in Pacific countries to cover expenses incurred by in-country Rotary Clubs.  Rotary New Zealand does not pay any commissions or royalties.
ERKs is recognised by Governments throughout the Pacific who waive import duties and taxes, with local Rotary clubs taking responsibility for distribution in consultation with Disaster Management Offices.
Consistently Emergency Response Kits are the first tangible support families receive after a disaster.
Throughout 9910 and 9920 the Pacific clubs are ever grateful for the support New Zealand Rotarians give in times of disaster and value this as a significant part of their community service.
The attached brochure provides more detail: Lynne Joseph (Rotorua Sunrise) would welcome an opportunity to present to clubs who wish to learn more. 
In anticipation of the events of the 2018/2019 cyclone season, District Governor  Graham wishes all 9930 clubs to donate to ERKs this year.