Posted on Dec 16, 2019
Dear Fellow Rotarian,
I am the President of the Rotary Club Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia, the large Italian island located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. I kindly ask you for a minute of your time to describe an initiative that I think may interest you and the members of your Rotary Club, asking if you could kindly inform them by circulating this email.
RC Cagliari has already organized 13 editions of Archeotour, a tourist itinerary that has helped Rotarians from all over Italy to understand that Sardinia has much more to offer than just beach holidays. It is a tour that combines our beautiful natural environment and local culture to create and strengthen relationships of friendship in Rotary.
The extraordinary success of the previous editions of Archeotour have led us, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of our Club, to offer the 2020 tour to Rotarians outside Italy. We are therefore organizing an International Archeotour in English from 17 to 22 June 2020.
The tour will combine a high-level cultural experience with typical Sardinian cuisine and wines, and the chance to enjoy our unique landscapes in friendship with Rotarians from different countries of the world.
It will be an opportunity to set our marvelous coast-line alongside the Giants of Monte Prama, a series of monumental sculptures that are unique in the Mediterranean region: an opportunity to pass over a kind of virtual bridge spanning 4,000 years of history, from the Nuragic to the Punic-Phoenician and Roman civilisations, from the Romanesque to the industrial archaeology of the present day.
No less an important part of the Archeotour will be an introduction to the food and wine of Sardinia, with lunches and dinners in, particularly attractive settings.
We have been able to hold the cost of the tour at a very reasonable ยค1100.00 per person inclusive for all 5 days.
The Archeotour brochure is available here, with the complete program and all necessary information, supported by numerous interactive links. I would be grateful if you could read it and circulate it with this email to the members of your Club.
If you want to view the brochure on your smartphone, to maybe share it with your Club friends.
The number of places on the tour, of course, is strictly limited to ensure that it runs smoothly for all participants. For this reason, if you or any of your members are interested, please contact our Club immediately at, or by calling one of our members on the numbers indicated in the brochure.
Reservations must be confirmed without delay and certainly no later than 30 January to guarantee hotel accommodation.
The booking form can be downloaded by clicking here.
A page is also available on the Club website at:
In the hope of being able to meet you in Sardinia, I thank you for your attention and send you warm greetings,
Francesco Danero
President 2019-20 R.C. Cagliari