GUEST SPEAKER: Karen Denyer, National Wetland Trust.
To purchase Karen’s book ($65) please pay ASB 12 3171 00176 60 00. Please put BOOK and your name in the reference field for the records. All proceeds from the launch sales to the National Wetland Trust.
Karen said how good it was to work with our Rotary club. She is a trained ecologist and has written a book called Life in the Shallows, copies of which she brought along for Rotarians to purchase. The National Wetlands Trust was born around the turn of the century – a Millenium project.
The aim of the Trust is “getting people into wetlands.”
Figuratively and literally. Conferences are held every two years to share knowledge.
DOC provides pathways, boardwalks, and bridges to help people access wetlands like Rotopikio. Karen said 90% of New Zealand wetlands have gone. They are culturally significant, climate regulators, nature’s shock absorbers, and natural filters.
Karen showed a list of the help Rotary had given over the last two years and thanked the club.
LIFE IN THE SHALLOWS. Karen was asked to write a book about wetlands. She needed the book to be about people, those who make the restoration of the wetlands happen, and those who bring their knowledge of science to help the wetlands. The book includes details of wetlands people can visit. Karen said Rotopiko was at a tipping point which means it is on the way to losing its viability. We are all trying to turn this around.