Lest We Forget - Anzac Day 2020
By Jan Beaumont ©
As Anzac Day draws nearer 
and there's not so many left
Of those bright-eyed boys who left their native shores
They were SO young, so hopeful of a life that promised much
But they went to fight for freedom, mine and yours.
They left behind their families and so many tears were shed
By their mothers, fathers, aunties, sisters, wives
They never knew the horrors of the things that lay ahead
But willingly they fought and gave their lives.
The ones who came back home to us could often not share stories
Of the things they'd seen, those things they couldn't tell
They quietly returned and tried to go on with their lives
Trying to forget they'd been through hell.
As life went on the years went by and they were getting old
They'd meet each year to talk and reminisce
And then they slowly left us, slipped away without a word
And we lost them, dearly loved and greatly missed.
Each Anzac Day there's fewer now of these courageous men
Those once young boys are bent and frail and worn
Do not forget the lives we have today we owe to them, 
Remember well this coming Anzac morn.
Our loved ones, we salute you, we will hold you in our hearts
You've done us proud, you're heroes, truly great 
We thank you for your sacrifice, you most beloved men
And say another heartfelt 'Well done, mate!