Posted on Jul 22, 2018
Speaker ~ Rod Smith Author “Guinness Down Under”

From Wellington, Rod has worked for the Probation Service and as a journalist in
Parliament and with Government Departments – Ministry of Defence and Forestry.
Now retired he has taken time to research the Guinness family of which his wife is a
descendant of Arthur Guinness.

With a background in brewing and with the help of his father’s resources Arthur set up
the first brewery in Dublin in 1759.
Now in 2018, over 250 years later 9 million glasses are drunk each day worldwide. There are licensed breweries in 50 countries that use the special flavor essence to make the stout. Guinness owns four breweries around the world including countries such as
Malaysia and Nigeria.

The Guinness business was owner operated and the worth of the business went from $23K - $13.4 million in 1926. After the change to a company with shareholders, the company lost its way and the family dynasty came unstuck when Benjamin Guinness was at the helm.

Businessman Ernest Saunders resurrected the company and it left the control of the Guinness Family.