Posted on Jul 26, 2018
In March, Nola Ardern despatched a shipment to Niusawa High School, on Taveuni Island, on behalf of our club. 
The shipment was several hundred girls knickers, and 60 metres of fabric, sewing threads, clasps and ribbons for the Home Economic Department, as part of the Days For Girls programme.   
The picture on the right shows Joey, the wife of Taveuni Rotary member Geoffrey Amos, presenting the goods after they have arrived, to Vice-Principal Premila, and and the Home Economics teacher.   
They were amazed at the variety and contents, and extremely grateful .   They send sincere thanks to Nola and the club.
This all started in 2016, when our club supported by the Matamata Days for Girls team, introduced the Days For Girls programme to the school.   Today girls are sewing their own sustainable feminine hygiene kits.   They have also introduced the programme to other schools on the island.  
The Rotary Club of Taveuni has enabled us to send the resources in their shipping container from Auckland to the island.
We look forward to sending further sewing resources late in 2018.  Well done, Nola.