Posted on Apr 01, 2019
Guest Speaker at Gisborne Rotary – John Gillies daughter Emily.
Emily gave an inspirational off-the-cuff speech on her passion which is to help people to feel fit and healthy. Emily went to school in Gisborne including GGH and taught classes in the early days at Gisborne City Gym She studied in Dunedin doing PE and Commerce (Marketing and Management).
After she left Uni she had a club management opportunity. She loved being with the people and finding joy working with them. Then she realised that the further up the ladder she went the more she lost touch with the people that she loved working with.
She went overseas and at 24 years old found herself in Dublin where the females were treated differently and gyms were about making money as fast as possible.
This was a turning point for her and Emily said it shone a light about what her personal values were.  
She spent 9 years training & developing fitness instructors including at Les Mills in Australia. She got to share her passion – finding joy in teaching others.
After 10 years of this, she became exhausted and started her own food company – selling, making and distributing including vegan paleo breakfast cereal.
She was introduced to “Running a business over the phone” Network marketing. Emily said she has learned how to empower people to have a business without huge overheads. This also enables people to spend more time with their families and not have to go to work 14 hours a day. She shows people how to build their business on social media in a generation that is moving with technology.
At 36 she has retired from teaching fitness and plans in the near future to travel to USA, Canada and the UK.