Posted on Dec 02, 2019
I can’t believe that it has already come to the time to do my final report.
Time is going so fast and I want it to slow down because as much as I miss my friends and family in New Zealand, I am not ready to leave the friends and family that I have made in France.
Recently the summer holidays have ended here which means that I am back at school and unfortunately it is starting to get colder. I was lucky enough to visit so many beautiful places in France during the holidays with my host families.
I still find school here very tiring however I actually really enjoy it.  
Due to the fact that I have now progressed in my  French, I can understand and participate in class which is something that I am really proud of. I recently scored a 17/20 on a French literature paper and  I am so happy with my result! As well as that,  all of my teachers at school are absolutely amazing. They all encourage me to do the work and give me as much help as possible which I am very grateful for. They have really been a big part of why I find my school life to be so positive.  
There has been a new exchange student in my class since the end of the holidays, her name is  Nicolli and she is from Brasil. I have really enjoyed having her around and showing her the ropes as I know how intimidating French schooling can be, we have already formed such a close friendship and I am glad to be sharing my experience with her.  
A few weeks ago I changed out of my third host family back into my first host family as my third family was busy traveling. I will be staying with my first host family until the end of my exchange.  I still feel so at home with this family, even though my first host brother who I am so close to is now undergoing his exchange in Thailand, so it is a little strange without him but we still talk every day!
I am so excited to be celebrating my 18th  birthday and Christmas with this family. The Rugby World  Cup has recently started and I have been so happy to have watched many of the games. My host family doesn’t really understand rugby but they enjoy watching it with me and I make sure that they cheer for New Zealand.
I am hoping that there will be a New Zealand vs France game which I plan to watch with my family and some of my friends at school. I have been so blessed with how everything has turned out on my exchange, there have been ups and downs but I have so much support from everyone here and I feel so welcomed by France. It really is my second home and I am already trying to figure out how I can get back here in the near future.
Merci France, je t’aime