For many years, the Polio Movie Event has been a very popular way for clubs to raise funds for Rotary’s number one priority, to End Polio Now.
It’s also an opportunity for Rotary members and our communities to have some fun together. This year’s movie is The Lost King (click here for trailer) the story of the rediscovery, by an amateur historian, of the five centuries-old remains of King Richard III, in a Leicester (UK) carpark! Critics describe it as “an incredible and inspiring true story about perseverance and not taking no for an answer”.
The movie will be released to the Australian and New Zealand public on Boxing Day, but the great news is that a pre-release of the movie is available for Rotary clubs during the week of Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th December.
End Polio Now Coordinator
Scholarships Coordinator
Give Every Child a Future Champion
Georgia Rotary Student Programme Coordinator
Michelle Tanner