Posted on Oct 21, 2019
On Friday 8th November Rotary Putaruru and Rangiura Trust are together bringing an ‘English style’ Race Night to Putaruru to raise funds for our community. Funds will be split evenly between the 2 organisations for their respective community projects.
The evening will be held at The Plaza in Kensington St, Putaruru.
The ‘Race Night’ is a fun social occasion which is also a good fundraiser.
We will sell tickets ($20) to attend the evening but our other avenue for funding is through sponsorship of the respective races, all horses and their jockeys, as set out below.
“We invite you to support this evening by contributing through 1 of the following ways”.
During the course of the evening, 9 horse races are shown on DVD with betting taking place on each race.
  • Sponsorship for nine races - $100 per race and the Sponsor gets to name their race (Free advertising!)  2 of these are already sponsored!
  • Sponsor for each horse which you name – there are eight horses in each race i.e. 72 horses at $20 per horse – the owner gets to name their horse and will win a prize if their horse wins (people can “buy” more than one horse but we suggest they are in different races)
  • Sponsorship of a jockey –$10 per jockey and the sponsor usually gives their own name (more fun!). The winning jockey will also receive a prize.
  • Sponsorship of race prizes / raffle item / spot prizes
Before each race tote tickets are sold at $1 a ticket. Punters choose their horses from the race card. They can bet on as many horses as they like and can place more than one bet on a horse if they wish.
During the race, the number of tickets sold per horse is counted and totalled (giving the amount of money taken) A percentage is subtracted (40%) and the pay-out for each horse calculated.
Once the race has finished the pay-out on the winning horse is announced and the winning punters collect their winnings from the tote. The more that is bet the more money that is made!  (Rotary & Rangiura will also get the 40%).
We are excited to have this event in Putaruru (with the help of Rotary Hamilton East).
Obviously, it would also be great if you could encourage a group of friends/workmates to come along and enjoy the evening. Tickets are $20 and include a buffet finger food supper.
Tickets are available from Unichem Pharmacy; The Plaza; Rangiura Home or phone Judith (8835630) to have them delivered.
Contact re sponsorship: Martin Bennett 027 6837273
“Thank you on behalf of Rotary and Rangiura”