Posted on Apr 01, 2019

A little boy is born in Bangladesh.

He is only 36 hours old – and not yet named – when he is taken to Dr Tanveer Ahmed, a plastic surgeon at Dhaka Community Hospital.

The baby was born with amniotic band syndrome in all four of his little limbs. This condition caused autoamputation of some of his fingers and toes, and a clubbed left foot.

“The parents were very scared,” Tanveer said.

“I assured them we could consider the surgery after their son was three weeks old.

The family returned for surgery and were very hopeful.

“The parents happily informed me that they had chosen a name for their son,” Tanveer said.

“They named him Tanveer after me, and he is truly a heart-touching patient of mine.”

Tanveer was able to conduct the baby’s first surgery at five weeks of age. The second stage of surgery took place when he was three months old.

These operations reconstructed baby Tanveer’s left leg, left hand, left ring and middle fingers and his right toe.

Tanveer has been working alongside Interplast volunteer surgeons in Bangladesh since 2013, advancing his complex plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques. He was part of a group of talented local surgeons handpicked by Interplast to participate in training placements in New Zealand or Australia.

Thanks to a donation from Vorotek, Interplast was able to give a Vorotek headlamp to Tanveer. The headlamp provides surgical quality illumination which is essential for intricate surgical procedures and this technology is widely used among surgeons in Australia and New Zealand.

“With the help of your headlamp, now I can do more finer works with ease and with confidence,” Tanveer said.

“Thank you.”

If you would like to donate to Interplast and help patients have life-changing operations and the training of medical people please contact Elizabeth Wright your District Chair at or 027 223 8921