Welcome to the new year – 2022.  This month’s theme is dedicated to Vocational Service.
Team work is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organisational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. (Dale Carnegie).  This is Rotary, too.
I’ve had great feedback from many of the uncommon results from Clubs that have completed many projects, waved the flag for Rotary and helped others in the community who were less fortunate than many of us.  Despite the restrictions placed upon us by the traffic light system, fundraising has occurred; donations to our charity of choice The Rotary Foundation have occurred, and Rotary has been of high visibility in the community.
The calendar for many Clubs for 2022 is filling fast and the District Committees, too, are gearing up for a busy time.  The first meeting of the year is for the Foundation Committee on the 22nd of January, with the Membership Committee meeting at the end of the month.
This month’s ‘shout out’ is to Johnny Dryden and the Membership Committee.  Johnny has been making presentations to Clubs on Club structures, opportunities for increasing membership and telling the wider community about Rotary.  The Committee has PowerPoint presentations available about membership and I’m encouraging each Club to prepare their own leaflet about their club and distribute these to potential members and tell the community about the good work your club does.  Thank you, Johnny, for the extra work you are doing for the Rotary District.
Over the past 6 months, Club Presidents have set their goals for the year and the next 6 months is the time to consolidate the work done already to achieve those goals.  Our International President, Shekhar reminds me often of our theme for the year – Serve to Change Lives.  His byline for membership Each One, Bring One, and I remind you all of our own Health and Well-Being.  The festive season was a tough time with many delightful meals available, so it is back to basics for a while, a bit more walking, more cycling and more fresh air.
Conference registration will be posted later this month.  I’m sure you are all set to attend the Conference in Napier from Friday 20th May.  The Committee is looking forward to seeing you all, details for accommodation availability are already posted on the Conference web page.  
My Club visit was curtailed a bit last year and I still have a few to visit – I’m looking forward to visiting Hamilton and Rotorua along with other Clubs.  Enjoy the year and no doubt there will be lots to chat about at your first Club gathering whether it be a BBQ, picnic or meeting.
Regards Ross
Ross Pinkham
District Governor 2021/22
District 9930 New Zealand
Mob 027 2428089