Having just come back from the Rotary Zone 8 Conference in Canberra (minus my luggage which is still probably travelling the World as we speak) I really need to share with you the fantastic work that our Charity of Choice – The Rotary Foundation – does. 
I heard at the Conference through some of the speakers the great work of the Rotary Foundation.
-Their huge efforts to attempt to eradicate Polio.  They are so close and will continue to not only eradicate Polio but potentially place an emphasis once this goal is achieved on helping Polio survivors who struggle to get any Government support.
- I heard from one of the young Rotary Peace Fellows Erika Yague of the Philippines who is passionate about promoting peace and a strong advocate for human rights around the World.
- Veena and Alana Tilly initially set out to help one school in Fiji 16 years ago and are now supporting educational opportunities for young Fijians in 30 schools in Fiji.
These were but some of the highlights and all of these people have been assisted in their achievements by Rotary Foundation.
The Rotary Foundation also helps to fund the training of our future leaders, supports clean water/sanitation and hygiene in vulnerable areas, strengthens local economies, helps fight disease, and funds projects that protect our environment.
If you have ever questioned where your Foundation Donation goes I can personally reassure you that it is going to some amazing people who have the passion and drive and some amazing District and Global Grants to make a Rotary difference in our World.
For those of you that already give Thank You.
For those that are thinking of giving your donation will not be wasted


Kevin Forgeson
District Governor
Rotary District 9930  2022-23
Mobile: 021 382 831 / Work: 07 878 8036