FEBRUARY is Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month
Time continues to fly – from the numerous emails and invitations I have been getting our District 9930 Clubs seems to be full swing ahead with Club Activities and Fellowship.
Some have started up new activities to fund raise towards the devastating War in Ukraine that continues to create havoc to the people of that country and for the whole World.  It is hard to believe that such conflict can exist in this Century after seeing what chaos and harm historical wars have wrecked upon the World. 
Rotary has a huge positive impact in the prevention of such conflicts.  Rotarians train adults and young leaders to prevent and mediate conflict and aid refugees who have fled dangerous areas.  Rotarians provide shelter boxes to devastated areas and give hope to those that are displaced by armed conflict and persecution.  When you learn that over 90% of casualties in armed conflict are normally civilians, half of which are children you can’t help but be keen to assist in any way possible to prevent further devastation.  Through service projects and Rotary programmes The Rotary Family can do so much.
February is World Understanding Month – this month is an opportunity to undertake special activities that emphasise understanding and goodwill as essential for world peace. 
You may think that your individual voice cannot achieve a great deal but collectively Rotarians can achieve a huge amount – we just need to continue to believe in peace and do what ever we can to aid those that are in need.
As your District Governor for 2022-23 I thank you all again for your dedication to this quest for goodwill, peace and understanding among the people of the World.
Kevin Forgeson
District Governor
Rotary District 9930
Mobile: 021 382 831 / Work: 07 878 8036